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About the Friends of Brookfield

We were formerly known as the Brookfield Civic Association.

Mission Statement

Friends of Brookfield members are an inclusive group of residents who share the common goal of promoting a safe and healthy community, and a community that is a great place to live.

We hope to achieve this by engaging our community's residents, creating dialogue and deliberation for collaborative problem solving. We want to identify, confront and resolve the most pressing challenges of our community and develop practical plans that reflect a shared vision. While there are some ongoing issues which prompted our creation and initial meeting, we hope the Brookfield Civic Association can serve as a starting point in building a stronger sense of community, and we welcome your participation.

Who We Are

The Friends of Brookfield consists of active and honorary members of the Brookfield community in the city of Chantilly, in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia. We are a non-stock corporation, registered in the commonwealth of Virginia, and we are a non-profit organization. Membership in the Association is voluntary. Dues are $25 annually, and go toward sustaining the goals and objectives of our association in support of our mission.

If you are a resident of Brookfield and would like to be an active member, send a check for $25 written to "Brookfield Civic Association" and mail it to:

The Friends of Brookfield
P.O. Box 222582
Chantilly, Virginia 20153-2582

Along with your check, send your full name and official Brookfield address, along with one or more phone numbers where we can reach you and an active email address. If you want to opt out of the infrequent emails we send to residents, let us know; otherwise we will add you to our email list so you can be notified of neighborhood events, meetings, elections, and other information relevant to our members.

Board of Directors

As with any organization, the Friends of Brookfield has an elected board of directors. Directors are elected by majority vote by the membership of the association (all active members in good standing that attend the annual elections during the spring General Meeting). Directors are elected for a term of one year, or until his or her successor has been duly elected and qualified. The board of directors includes several association founders but also newer residents.

All directors are volunteers and receive no financial reward for their activities. When conducting association business and with previous arrangement with the board, expenses incurred for the benefit of the association may be reimbursed.

The current board was elected during our General Meeting held on November 8, 2018. A subset of these directors also serve as officers of the association, and were elected not by general membership but by election held amongst the board members. All officers are also general board members.

Our board members and officers include:

Core Group Member Position
Sami Besalel President and Chairman
Jim Rollins Vice President
Margie Wheedleton Secretary
Marcy Johnson Treasurer
John Moore Director
Tricia Amstutz Director

How to Contact Us

US Mail:

The Friends of Brookfield
P.O. Box 222582
Chantilly, Virginia 20153-2582


Web Site:

Our web site at is updated from time to time with news of interest to the community. Please visit the site, and support our advertisers and contributing businesses.

If you have any feedback about the website, please email our webmaster.

Join us on social media! Other great resources you can use include:

Brookfield Community History

We are looking for help from the community to build this section. Please contact us if you have any pictures or stories about the beginning of Brookfield.

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